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Serving our Vision through Research & Innovation
Knowledge, Excellence, Innovation: These notions are at the core of all academic and administrative activity at Harokopio University. High-quality research is carried out, as students and researchers are encouraged to participate in scientific and entrepreneurial competitions, often winning awards and distinctions. More than one-third of the student population are postgraduate and Ph.D. students. Research cooperation with national and international organizations aims to the development of innovative methods, services, and products, which may have a direct impact on improving the Quality of Life. The exploitation of research results in collaboration with industrial partners is also encouraged. The relatively small number of students, combined with a high level of commitment of the well-esteemed teaching staff, ensure the high quality of a personalized educational experience. The Harokopio University of Athens is also dedicated to the ideals of Sustainable Development and Quality of Life, embracing the vision of its founder. It has chartered its Green University Policy since 2016, aiming at the reduction of energy impact, the promotion of environmental sensibility, and the implementation of beneficial environmental practices.
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Accreditation - Ranking
The Harokopio University of Athens and all its programs are fully certified according to EU standards, completing its last evaluation in 2019. Its constant flourishing was reflected last year in its placing in recognized international rankings. In the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2022, it was placed in the 351-400 position and ranked 1st among the participating Greek Institutions. It gathered an impressive 93% for its citations in scientific/research work, occupying 64th place in the relative sub-ranking. It was placed in the 301-400 position by the clinical and health subject of Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2022 and it was also occupied a leading position among Young Universities worldwide, ranking 76th in the Times Higher Education Young University Rankings 2022, and first Young University in Greece. Supporting its enduring vision, Harokopio University shall continue to further promote its well-established international presence, to emphasize modern educational policies, to encourage the integration of international students in the Academic Community, and to ensure high-quality education that inspires challenges and qualifies all students, leading to scientific distinctions, research innovations, and meaningful international careers.
Internationalization and Extroversion
Harokopio University of Athens is an extrovert University with an exceptional international presence. Committed to its internationalization strategy, it is in the frontline of establishing collaborations with esteemed international educational institutions, with which it shares common values and goals. The University promotes student mobility and exchange programs, welcoming students from all over the world. Scientific exploration and technological development are core aspects of Harokopio’s identity, as an organization. Researchers of the Harokopio University of Athens have established strong research collaborations with colleagues in US, UK/European, and China Institutions over the years. Active collaborations include research groups in Universities worldwide and also the signing of numerous Memoranda of Understanding. The University fosters its international profile by actively participating in EU Erasmus programs and hosting students, academics, and researchers from European Universities. Currently, it offers three international master's programs in English in collaboration with European Universities. Harokopio University participates in mobility projects targeting researchers’ mobility collaborating with Universities in Canada, the U.S.A., South America, Asia, and Australia. It is also one of the most effective members of the network created by Study in Greece – – the official project of Greece for the internationalization and extroversion of Greek Higher Education. Ηarokopio University of Athens constantly contributes through its cooperation with the business world, local government, and civil society, as well as the implementation of good practices that emerge through its research and educational work, to the development of the country and the Greek society. It attracts a variety of successful events, having as a goal to bring students and alumni closer to the labor market, and is established as a meeting point of the research and business world. At the same time, the University hosts and organizes prestigious international conferences in all the research areas it is actively involved in.
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The way forward
Harokopio University of Athens has entered its fourth decade of functioning as a Higher Education Institute, holding a prestigious place among Greek Universities, being extremely proud of its teaching personnel that excels and gets internationally distinguished in their respective fields. Main strategic goal for the years to come is to enhance its extroversion and its international character, by pursuing more and deeper collaborations with foreign Institutions and by attracting a greater number of students from abroad. Furthermore, the University embraces and actively commits itself to the pursuit of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, as it is tightly connected with the future of the surrounding environment and the entire society within which it breathes and grows.
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